Mar. 23rd, 2009

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Just a note of reassurance.

I have not died,  been abducted by aliens, nor taken a trip aboard the TARDIS.
The only time I've spent in DeNile with Much, Carter and Robin is in my dreams.

I have feverishly been working on the last two chapters of Time's Arrow.  Chapter 26 is now in the hands of my transformative beta's [ profile] zooeyrye  and [ profile] robinfanatic.  Chapter 27 will be soon as well.

RL has been grabbing the lionsshare of my days and I am back to dollmaking and gathering designs for a lingerie show in July.

Robin Hood is back on Saturday.  Yay!  I shall merrily spend my weekend chasing bittorents of the show unless some kind soul post a megaupload link for it. =D

I feel melancholy about the novella as we Cancers often hate change.  I will miss the weekly headdesking for plot.
(Yes some would say TA has been mostly PWP. to which I heartily reply, "Of course it is, it's Torchwood...duhh!")

I might give my little first novel a decent burial on it's own comm here.

So, moving on.  Not rid of me yet! ;D

I'm still working on my Torchwood Fantasy Series 3.

My next installment will be "Ghost in the Machine"  watch for it.

I've been entertaining the thought of resurrecting Dark Shadows with a new heroine.  Not  a novella but an 'as I feel like posting' project.


RH will bring the plotbunnies.  (How many ways to kill a MarySue spring to mind. :P)

My hobbies now include lampworking, I decided to hold off on deep sea welding for now.

Till next post =D See ya!



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