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A) People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs & replace any question that they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves.

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Pick three sets of song lyrics that you think best sum up you/your life and copy and paste them here.

Flipped randomly through my Ipod.

1. "Reborn and shivering Spat out on new terrain"
'Not as We' Alanis Morissette

2. "How the hell did we wind up like this
Why weren't we able
To see the signs that we missed
And try to turn the tables"
'Someday' Nickelback

3. "It doesn’t mean much
It doesn’t mean anything at all
The life I’ve left behind me
Is a cold room"
'Sweet Surrender' Sarah McLachlan

Wow that was insightful!
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Cleaning my hall closet!
I found:

1 pair of size 31 waist levis that I can get into again!  Mega Win!
1 purple poet/pirate shirt from my goth period in the 90's
(How can I part with that?)  I'm wearing it now!

Last years Christmas presents I either failed to give out or bought extra of. 
(Cuts down on christmas shopping this year.)

Numerous vaccuum cleaners and steam cleaners
(I'm a bit of a collector it seems)

One sad spot, I found a belt that seemed awful small for me to have worn it.
The OH so kind Lou verified that yes I did.
I asked what happened to my tiny little waist and then I remembered...I met HIM!

The journey continues...Wish me luck!

New Banner!

Oct. 5th, 2008 08:34 am
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Finally got around to changing the default banner on my page.
It was ok, I just wanted something a little more...MUCH! :)

Still learning all the pretty buttons on paint shop so be kind.

Now, can someone tell me how to get my user name off his face?
(I can hear the porny comments already you like minded dirty minded individuals!)

Note: Ok! Problem solved!  I moved the pic around to fit. Now I like it even better!
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Click for the political weirdness )

Ok, this is what happens when I have too much idle time on my hands.

The guy on the right is running for Congress locally.

I wonder if he can fly?


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