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Title: Time's Arrow 25/27
Author: DarkenTwisted
Rating: PG
Length: This chapter, 3,736 words

Warnings: Spoilers  for RH Post 2:13,  DW Post 4:13, TW Post 2:13

Pairings/Characters: Y2KJack, 10Doctor, Gwen, Mickey, Robin, Much, Guy, Vaisey, Jack, Ianto, Little John, Martha, Holo10Doctor, Matilda, Allan, Kate,

Summary: Chapter 25 of my ongoing crossover novella; Torchwood, Robin Hood, Doctor Who.  The team  in the year 2000 finally catches Vaisey, or is it the other way around?

Disclaimer: All Characters Owned by BBC, BBC Wales, BBC America, Tiger Aspect Media.

Posting  this using Semagic, Thanks [livejournal.com profile] lankyguy for the suggest!  
As usual, props to my long-suffering beta, [livejournal.com profile] zooeyrye.  Just 2 more chapters to go, hang in there babe! 
And to [livejournal.com profile] robinfanatic, [livejournal.com profile] thestorymaker and [livejournal.com profile] aliciabmanley for spurring me along.

Previous Chapters Below:
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Chapter 25: Collide!

“You can hear me?” The Torchwood medic managed to speak after a moment.
“Of course I can hear you. There wouldn’t be any point in my being here if I couldn’t, now would there?” The Time Lord’s image grinned but quickly sobered; and looked at the young woman. “So where do we start?” The hologram of the Doctor seemed to contemplate as he studied the odd group in the time ship. “Am I dead?”
“Last I checked you weren’t.” Martha supplied, still unsure what was going on.
“Am I injured? Regenerating? Lost in a time, separated from you?”
Martha crossed her arms. “No, no, well, yes, in a way. But you have a means to return – and I can’t believe I’m taking questions from the electronic version of a cardboard cut out!”
“I’m a holographic representation of the TARDIS’ primary occupant.”
“You’re just a light projection of the Doctor! A clever parlour trick he dreamed up. ”
“I’m more than that, young lady!” He suddenly looked disgusted. “And please tell stinky boy to stop doing that.”
Allan had gotten over the initial shock of being in an impossible room and currently had his hand inserted in the image’s midsection. He pulled his hand back in surprise then shot a hurt expression. “Oi! You try being trapped in a dungeon for two days and ridin’ in manure cart and see how you smell!”
Kate led the physically and now emotionally injured outlaw away as Martha continued; “So what is this all about, then?”
The hologram grinned as goofily as the real man. “Isn’t it brilliant? A complete TARDIS protection system…designed it myself!”
“But why?”
“Cos, you lot seem to have a very bad habit of showing up in here and messing with things you shouldn’t. You, Jack, Sarah Jane, Rose, and Donna, bad pennies the lot of you! Couldn’t have anymore Bad Wolves, Doctor/Donna meta-crisis or Jack Harknesses running round the universe. So I did what every responsible doctor with curious children should while away. I installed the perfect baby sitter…me.”
“How are you able to communicate? You’re just pre-recorded aren’t you? Like the tapes we made for Sally Sparrow.”
“Oh, I’m so much more than that my lovely comrade.” He gestured at the console, “Direct link to the TARDIS computer system. Anything you need or desire me to do for you, within safety limits. I can even transport the old girl wherever you need her. So how can I help?”
Martha smiled. “I need access to the sickbay and food replicator.”
“Done. Anything else?”
“A warm bath and change of clothes wouldn’t hurt.” Allan snorted, then winced from the pain.
“Soon as we get you looked at.” Martha pointed the way as she led the group into the wonders of her former home.
Cardiff, Wales 2000
Getting the drunken prisoner to the vehicle was daunting. He stumbled several times and kept confusing Gwen with Marian. “You! You…leper! It is your entire fault; you tricked that fool Gisborne into loving you!”  He waggled his finger. “I told him no good would come from you lepers!”  He passed out again as Mickey shoved him into the back of the vehicle. 
Gwen started driving back to the hub glancing in her rear view mirror at her team-mate. “How is he doing?”
“Sleepin’ like a baby.” Mickey grinned. “That was certainly easier than I expected. Now we can go back the 12th century, put things back right and go home.”  He looked around. “Have you seen my weapon?”
“No, you don’t have it?”
“Uh uh, I musta left it back in the station.”
“That is all right, I have it,” an unexpected voice answered from behind him.
Vaisey grinned as he pointed the gun at Mickey’s head. “As I heard someone say on one of your magic boxes, ‘take me to your leader.’”
Mickey put his hands up and looked at Gwen in the mirror. “I think someone has been watchin’ too much sci-fi.”

Guy was getting agitated, he was a man of action and standing around doing nothing had left him uneasy. Every time he glanced up, he would meet the same pair of intense green eyes burning a hole into him and the memories of those eyes on him while the man behind them did to him what he did, made Guy sick and he just wanted to get away from the outlaw’s gaze.
He walked up to Jack and the Doctor. “I need air. I cannot take it in here another minute.” He cast his eyes at the two scowling outlaws across the room.
Jack sized up the sheriff. “When Gwen returns I will ask her to take you out for a walk.”
“I am not a child!” Gisborne spat. “I do not know this world, so I cannot go far. You have no need to worry about me running away. Where would I go anyway? And you have those – things.”  He motioned toward the cameras. “You can keep an eye on me the entire time.”  He gripped Jack’s arm. “I just need to get out for a minute or I will go mad.”
Jack looked down at the hand on his bicep and back into the man’s sad grey eyes. “Okay, but just for a while. If you’re not back within the hour I’ll come after you.”
“Agreed.”  With that Guy walked out of the hatch door, hoping the Torchwood leader wouldn't notice his weapon was missing.  Gisbourne had a feeling he wouldn't be alone for long and wanted to be prepared.
“You sure that’s a good idea?” The Doctor questioned.
“It’s okay. As he said, he’s in a strange world and he can’t go far.” Jack smirked. “Besides he is running around in a leather duster and a set of blue scrubs. He can’t get far dressed like that.”
“Why did Master Robin just run out of the hub?” Much came up behind the two men.
“And that’s why it was a bad idea.” The Doctor cheekily finished.
Jack glared testily at the Doctor.  “I let Gisborne leave to get some air outside.”
“You what?!”
“Okay. In hindsight I realise I shouldn’t have let him.”
“Oh not again!” Much was in near panic. “With your permission I must go after Robin.”
Before Jack could reply the blonde outlaw was out the door.
“Let’s see – that would be three medieval men running around the Millennium Centre. Bloody brilliant, Jack!”

“We’ll go after them –” Jack was interrupted by the comm. “Yes Gwen?”
“We have Vaisey in custody, headed back to the hub.”
“Do you have the necklace?”
“Yes, the police handed it over with his personal effects when we picked him up.”
“Good girl! Damn I’m gonna love working with you.”  He grinned.
As soon as she got off the comm. Vaisey chimed in behind her. “Yes you are a good girl. Maybe I might keep you around for Gissy to play with.”
Guy was surveying the strange world around him with awe. It was good to be out of the hub and away from accusing eyes.
Robin stayed hidden behind the wall as he spied on his enemy. A hand on the outlaw’s shoulder made him lurch and only years of training in King Richard’s royal guard kept the archer from yelping out loud.  As it was he was on the person behind him in a heartbeat and only relented when he saw the frightened pale blue eyes of his manservant. “Much! What are you doing up here.”
“More is the question. What are you doing up here?” The outlaw asked equally accusingly. “Lady Gwen warned you to keep your distance from Sheriff Gisborne and here you are stalking him.”
“I am merely keeping an eye on him.” Robin corrected.
Much puzzled over trying to find the difference. “Well then, I am here to watch you. Nothing good happens when you two are left to your own devices.”
Robin motioned with his hands as he admonished with a hoarse whisper. “Fine then.  Just be quiet!”
Sherwood Forest 1193
The scraping metallic noise of the TARDIS’ teleporting, sounded as the vehicle materialised inside the small cave. The door opened as Martha stepped out leading the small group behind her. “It was brilliant to suggest hiding the TARDIS here Allan.”

“It’s our old supply larder for the poor.”  The outlaw grinned.  “Robin brought Lady Marian here the first time Gisborne tried to kill her.” His eyes glistened at the memory. “I guess we won’t be needin’ it for that purpose anymore.”
“I’m sorry.” Martha gripped his shoulder.
“I never thought I would ride in a Gallifreyan time ship.” Matilda marvelled as she patted the simulated wooden panel on the blue box. “I heard legends and stories…but to actually see it.”
“It is something.” Martha grinned. “I never got to pilot it myself when I travelled with the Doctor. He would have never let me.”
“If you ask me it still seems like just a bunch of witchcraft.” Allan snorted. Although he didn’t like how it happened he was freshly washed, patched up and wearing a new outfit that was much nicer than his old one and for the moment he was content.

“How are you feeling?” Martha asked in her soft but medically curious voice.
“Those pain–killers seem to have helped.” Allan smiled as he flexed his injured legs. “Almost good as new. I need to go join the boys and see if we can go stave off Ellingham and his men.”
“No you need to go rest!” Kate totted.
“Yes the pills Martha gave you dulled the pain but you are still seriously injured, Allan. Getting into a fight will just make your condition worsen.” Matilda joined in.
“I’m not bein’ funny ladies but I ain’t about to sit on the side like an old lady and watch my friends get picked off by a bunch of mercenaries.” He looked sheepishly at Matilda as she put her hand on her hips and glared at him. “No offence.”
“None taken!” The midwife spat as she stormed off.

Allan walked up to John, Ianto and Jack as they huddled together discussing strategies. “I ’ere you fellers have some mercenaries you need to outsmart.”
John turned in complete disbelief, “Your voice, I did not expect to hear again!” He then wrapped the injured man in a ferocious bear hug.
“Oi! Hold on there, big bear!” Allan gasped. “Bruised body!”
“Sorry.”  The large outlaw acquiesced. “How did you get out?”
“A little bird helped me.” The former traitor smiled as he gazed at the young maiden talking to the two physicians as the midwife tended to her granddaughter.
“Got her hands full with you, she does.” Little John smiled.
“I make it worth ‘er while!” Allan chuckled. “So what has been going on while I was ’anging around the castle?”
“Ellingham’s men have Nottingham surrounded.” Jack lamented as he studied the arrow points from his borrowed quiver.
“You’re really getting into this Robin Hood thing aren’t you?” Ianto observed as he leaned up against a tree next to his friend and leader.
“What can I say? I look good in green.” Jack added cheekily then turned serious. “According to Jasper’s house staff, he is expecting Prince John himself.”
“The King’s brother hardly ever comes to Nottingham.” The gentle giant added.  “Good: no!”
“We just have to keep him and Jasper from turning the town into kindling until the Doctor gets back with the sheriff,” mused Jack. “We take some of the village men on horseback and spread out around behind Ellingham’s soldiers. The first move they make to carry out any mayhem we do our best to counteract it.”
“They must have hundreds of men, Jack.” Ianto spat. “It would be suicide to try to stand up to them.”
“I didn’t say it was a perfect plan.” Jack glared at his lover. “But right now half a plan is all we have.”
“Sounds like someone else we know.” Allan whispered to John.

“All the more reason to do as he says.”
Cardiff Wales, 2000
The door to the hub swung away but the sight that met the two men’s eyes in the hub was not that of the sheriff or the two outlaws but of Mickey carrying an unconscious Gwen over his shoulder and being followed at gunpoint by Vaisey.
“Well, isn’t this quite the party?” the lunatic grinned as he motioned Jack and the Doctor over next to his other hostages.
“Gwen!” Jack took the fallen agent away from Mickey and examined her.
“He belted her good.” The young agent answered.  She tried to wrestle my gun away from him and he stunned her.”
“So much for the early warning,” the Doctor added as he held up his hands.
“Enough of the cheery welcomes!” Vaisey grinned. “Now where is he? Lord Gisborne and I have some unfinished business in Acre and I now have just the way to fix it!” He held up the necklace menacingly. “But first I need to tie up some loose ends. You there, pretty boy.”  He gestured the weapon at Jack. “You look like the one in charge here. Where is a good place to secure you people?”
Jack looked up from Gwen and snorted. “You really think I’m going to tell you?”
The Doctor totted. “Gun, Jack.”
“Well, yes. Either that or I make some pretty holes in the pretty bird.”
“Since you put it so nicely,” Jack relented. “The containment cells, on the next level.”
“Then lead on, pretty boy.”
Gwen came to with a groan as Jack slapped her cheek gently. “’Bout time you came out of it, brown eyes,” Jack cooed as she sat up. 
“Well I see you had as much luck getting the gun away from Vaisey as I did.” She grimaced.
Jack placed his hand under her chin. “As long as you’re okay.”
Gwen smiled and took his hand. “I’m fine. Let’s get out of here.”
“Already working on it.” The Doctor aimed his sonic screwdriver at the lock on the cell door. He frowned, changed the setting and aimed it again.
“It’s not going to work Doctor,” Jack said as he leaned back against the tiled wall.
“Of course it will work. I just have to find the right frequency.”
“No it won’t!” Jack spat. He then levelled his eyes at the Time Lord. “It’s not supposed to.”
The Doctor stopped and studied his friend cautiously.  “What are you trying to tell me Jack?”
“These cells were built over a century ago to hold anything we could put in them without the chance of it escaping.” He looked the alien traveller in the eye. “Including you.”
“You told them about Gallifreyan technology?” 
“I didn’t have to. This is Torchwood remember? We have ways of finding these things out. ‘Know your enemy’ is kind of our motto.”
The Doctor leaned back on his heels and sized up his former companion. “So I’m the enemy now.”
“I would have never let them harm you if they caught you.” Jack walked over to him until they were almost nose-to-nose and bore a hole into him with his eyes. “But I can’t say I wasn’t hoping they wouldn’t.”
“Boys this isn’t helping our situation.” Gwen stepped between them. “Jack there must be some way to open the door from the inside.”
Jack looked testily at the Doctor then back at the agent. “Maybe, but it might take a while.”
“Meanwhile Robin and Much are out there running around with Guy and Vaisey on the loose.” Mickey rationalized glumly.
Jack turned to the young technician, “Let’s just hope they miss each other till we get out of here.”

“Master this is foolish, let’s go back inside. The others will worry about us. Gwen and Mickey have found Vaisey and we can go home soon.” Much tugged at Robin’s arm as he continued to look around the corner at his sworn enemy. 
“In a moment, Much! When he goes back inside the hub so will we.”
“But Master, I…” The cold feeling of the metal to his head made the blonde outlaw stop in mid sentence. 
“Yes, maybe you should have gone back inside.”
Robin spun around but both the former sheriff and his friend had vanished.
The sound of Much’s voice in the distance confused the archer for a minute he looked around and realised it was coming from above him. He immediately grabbed his bow and loaded a bolt.
Vaisey stood atop the large roof of the Millennium Centre with the weapon against Much’s head. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you Hood! Even though your pretty little manservant has the hair of a cherub I doubt he would be able to fly and it’s a long way down.”
“Let him go Vaisey!”  Robin tried not to glance away as he saw Gisborne climbing the ladder up to the roof of the building. Whatever his plan was Robin hoped it was to try to fight Vaisey rather than join the insane man.
“Oh I don’t think so Lord Loxley. You see I think your little manservant is far more precious to you than any little leper.” He saw the dark man climbing over the side of the building and walk toward him. “That’s far enough, Gis!”
“Let him go, Vaisey.” Guy calmly albeit coldly, requested. “You don’t need him. Your fight is with me.”
“Not as long as I have this!” Vaisey gazed at the necklace like a lunatic as he held the pistol to the blonde outlaw’s head.
“Put that down you fool.” Gisborne spat. “It is clearly dangerous and you do not know how to use it.”
“Oh, I know how to use it all right.” Vaisey leered as he held up the glowing pendant. “I plan to go back to before you killed that stupid leper, kill you…” He squeezed his eyes closed and yelled. “And take back my England!”

“You are insane.” Gisborne noted, glaring at him.
“You are just coming to that conclusion now?” Much shot a pained expression at the sheriff.
“Oh, cheek from the little manservant, and where is your master?”
“Robin is coming, just you wait!”
Vaisey fingered a strand of Much’s hair as he held him. “Oh, so feisty, I should have taken you when I had the chance, Lord Bonchurch.”
“You are not my type,” the outlaw spat as he turned his head away from the foul breath that was breathing on his face.
Vaisey snapped the former servant’s head back with his free hand; his lips were inches from the other man’s. “I bet I know who your type was,” he purred, as Much strained to turn away again. “You don’t know how much I enjoyed giving your blonde, soldier boy lover my long, hard sword.”
Much’s face turned bright red, as he summoned the strength only intense anger could give. “Jigger off!” He screamed and stamped the former sheriff’s foot with his boot heel, hard enough to break bones.
Vaisey howled, as he let go of the outlaw. Much took the opportunity to dive out of the way as the gun went off. He looked up wide-eyed, as Gisborne fell over.

“Oh no!  Nottingham is doomed!”
“Robin! No do not come up here!” Before Robin could finish climbing the ladder Vaisey sent a heel into the leader’s chin.
Much could only watch helplessly as his former master let go and fell. He crawled over to the sheriff’s body. He was breathing but unconscious.
“Just you and me again, eh pretty boy?” The insane former sheriff leered as he turned back to the blonde outlaw. He levelled the gun at the camp cook. “Now to finish the job.”
“Master…” Much looked over the edge and cried softly. He then turned to the man who held him captive and terrorised him so many times. For the first time since fighting in the Holy Land, he was enraged.

“I don’t think you heard me,” Much said, his voice was like thunder as he turned and aimed the blaster he had palmed off Gisborne’s still body. “I said, JIGGER OFF!” He hoped he had the buttons set right this time and fired. He squinted his eyes shut – the world exploded in light around him.

The blast sent Vaisey reeling backward, knocking the pendant out of his grasp. The force caused the manipulator to go off and it disappeared in a burst of light. The backwash stunned the outlaw as he fell against Gisborne and passed out. Vaisey stumbled backward and all was still.
Robin was wedged tight to the ladder rung by his bow. He called out twice to his friend. Not getting an answer made him sick to his stomach.
“Give me your hand.” It was a flat statement from a voice he hated, and he held fast.
“I do not think so, Gisborne.”
“And I do not have time for your politics, Hood. Your friend is unconscious. Like it or not, I am all you have.” Guy gasped as he leaned over the side and looked down at the outlaw. The sheriff was bleeding profusely from his wounded shoulder and in threat of passing out and going over himself. “Now quit being a hero for one second, Loxley, and give me your hand!  No one has to die today!”
For one brief moment, as one black gloved hand reached down and grabbed the other man’s naked one, dark thoughts flashed through both men’s minds as their eyes met. Gisborne saw all his problems vanish just by letting go; the obstacle to all his machinations and source of his troubles, falling away in an instant.
Robin thought of taking Guy with him. It would be an end to his sufferings and the man who caused them. Suddenly Guy grunted and with a sharp jerk, he pulled the other man back from the brink and the outlaw leader landed next to him. Both exhausted and too exerted to move, he turned to the archer. “As I said, Hood, nobody dies today!”
Robin only blinked in agreement. He caught his breath and turned to the lifeless form of his friend. He shook Much several times and said a silent prayer. The servant’s eyes fluttered open, “Robin?”
“Yes, Much?”
“Can we go home now?  I got Vaisey.”  His eyes rolled back and he passed out again.
Next week…
Chapter 26: Forget Everything.

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